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The Seasons in Quincy (2016)

The Seasons in Quincy is the result of a five-year project by Tilda Swinton, Colin MacCabe and Christopher Roth to produce a portrait of the intellectual and storyteller John Berger. A sequence of four essay films, it places Berger in the rhythm of the seasons in his Alpine village of Quincy.

The Seasons is the Lab’s first feature length film, which premiered at Berlin in February 2016, and is currently screening around the world. It has a UK and Ireland theatrical release with Curzon Artificial Eye on June 23rd 2017 with a DVD to follow in August. Visit the Seasons website for more information and the Curzon website for details about upcoming screenings.

In Development

The Derek Jarman Lab is actively developing a slate of exciting feature length essay films – we are constantly looking for new subjects and potential collaborations. We have a number of projects currently in development. Click here for further info about some of those projects.

Research Films

As an important part of the Derek Jarman Lab’s mission to develop the role of film in research activities, we collaborate with with academics from various fields and disciplines to produce short Research Films. This work is designed to explore ways that filmmaking can play in integral part of an overall research project, as well as being an vital tool for public outreach.

Here’s a selection of work that we have produced with various partners